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Every country's sense of pride lends itself to a unique way of marketing their attractions and featured destinations to the rest of the world. Take a glance at our featured country and read about how other countries have shaped their tourism efforts in our Knowledge Center.

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Brazil in Focus

Brazil 2014: Four Weeks of Soccer That Impact a Lifetime

In 2014, an estimated 500,000 soccer fans from all over the globe will descend on Brazil to attend the world’s largest soccer event. During the four weeks of the soccer tournament, fans will stay in hotels, eat in restaurants, shop and visit Brazil’s many attractions. Most importantly, they will attend soccer matches and move between the 12 Brazilian host cities. Hosting a major international sporting event is challenging, especially for a developing country such as Brazil. But it’s far more than a challenge—it’s also an opportunity for infrastructure transformation. Continue reading article 

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image description How the World Cup Might Still Support a Sustainable Tourism Industry in Brazil
By Alison McGowan

In the beginning, Brazil’s hosting of the World Cup in 2014—and the Rio Olympics two years later—seemed like a heaven-sent window of opportunity for promoting not only normal tourist sites, but also the natural beauty and pousadas of Brazil off the beaten track. But have either of these events actually had any positive effect at all on inbound tourism? Certainly not yet. Continue reading article

Featured Media

In June of 2013, Brazilians demonstrated in the street against their country’s hosting of the World Cup and the Rio Olympics of 2016. Riots like these continued through October in order for people to demonstrate their disagreement with all the money going into the preparation for the World Cup, which includes 12 stadiums. Wright Thompson and Keith Olberman discuss this issue as well as whether or not these actions will continue in June 2014 when the cup begins. Watch video