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December 9, 2018 - CNN Travel

The new train lines that could transform how you travel - by Andrea Lo

This year around the world, many new railroads have opened to bring speed and convenience to the travelers who may want to embark on rail trip, and more are opening up borders to enable international connections via train.

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Traditionally, U.S. hospitality industry leaned towards chain model while European hospitality operated in boutique. However, the emergence of experience-seeking travelers are demanding American hospitality to evolve and move away from generic chains to something more unique.

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November 29, 2018 - Skift

Europe Working On New Tourism Brand Positioning: Value Not Volume - by Patrick Whyte

European Travel Commission (ETC) is making moves to concentrate on creating value over increasing volume to resolve overtourism in certain European cities, and hoping to diversify tourism by introducing lesser known destinations in continental scale. 

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November 27, 2018 - LondonlovesBusiness

£40m surfing destination planned for London - by Staff

Lee Valley Regional Park Authority announced its plan to open a venue for inland surfing in the middle of London to make it a very first capital city with surfing destination. All ages will be invited to enjoy surfing as the sport's popularity is expected to grow over next few years with its first entrance to Olympics in Tokyo 2020. 

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November 26, 2018 -

Ireland among the top destinations for gay couples - by David Kent

The latest Latin America Travel Company's report released the best honeymoon destinations for LGBT couples. Countries on the list do not criminalise homosexuality, but they are also ranked based on marriage equality, LGBT travel recognition, romantic setting and honeymoon popularity. 

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