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January 27, 2015 - NBC News

Blizzard 2015: New England Buried, NYC Lifts Travel Ban - by ERIN MCCLAM

New England was clobbered on Tuesday by a blizzard every bit as ferocious as forecasters feared — more than 2½ feet of snow, wind as strong as a hurricane and icy waves powerful enough to shake houses.

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The International Criminal Court opened an inquiry into attacks in Palestinian territories, paving the way for possible war crimes investigation against Israelis.

In a statement Friday, the court's top prosecutor said the decision follows the Palestinians' signing of the Rome Statute.

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)It's going to be a great year for global foodies.Some of the world's biggest restaurants are exporting their brands to other countries -- some permanently, others only temporarily -- while top chefs are opening exciting new ventures.

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January 2, 2015 - BBC Travel

The latest UK dining hotspot: Prison - by Mike MacEacheran

Doing porridge” is what inmates in UK prisons call serving time. It’s slang for the bowls of gloopy, boiled oats that were once ladled out every morning at lockups across the country. But the saying has taken on a whole new meaning following the launch of open-to-the-public restaurants inside select British prisons, where convicts work as chefs and kitchen assistants, cooking Michelin-style cuisine.

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January 1, 2015 - NBC News

Hello, 2015! A New Year Is Rung In Around the World - by NBC News

People bid adieu 2014 and welcomed in the New Year with fireworks, cheering and champagne.

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