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December 15, 2014 - The Economist

Happy birthday, Singapore - by From the World in 2015 print edition

Until a few years ago it was widely expected that conditions for business around the world would keep getting better, reflecting the relentless forward march of globalisation. But now the trend of continually improving business environments—underpinned by robust growth, liberal economic reforms and investment in infrastructure—has stalled, and in some areas even gone into reverse. The future global business landscape will be characterised by lower cross-border capital flows, tighter regulation and less risk-taking.

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December 7, 2014 - Daily Mail Online

The real Polar Express! Rolling train hotel that offers round the clock bear-viewing - by Daily Mail Online

Guests at this rolling train hotel will be hoping not to be like meals on wheels... as it is surrounded by polar bears.

The Tundra Lodge Rolling Hotel in Manitoba, Canada, is a custom rolling getaway where guests can enjoy regular visits from the giant winter mammals.

Guests can stay warm from the comfort of one of 32 rooms on-board the train - which boasts a large lounge area for viewing the bears.

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As of 6:30 p.m. ET, more than 3,000 U.S. flights were delayed and more than 190 were canceled, according to

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December 1, 2014 - Belize Travel

5 Reasons Why You Should Travel to Belize in December 2014 - by Belize Travel Blog

For the past five years, the Internet particularly social media has exposed the wonderful and charming beauty of Belize to thousands of travelers, and as a result the country has become a hot spot destination in Central America and the Caribbean.

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November 4, 2014 - NY Times

In New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, Heading to the Polls After a Dejecting Campaign Season - by MARC SANTORA and BENJAMIN MUELLER

After a campaign season that many citizens found dispiriting, voters went to the polls on Tuesday to choose governors in New York and Connecticut and to decide a host of other races that could help shift the balance of power both locally and nationally.

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