Loy Krathong: Floating Lantern Festival- Thailand

One of Thailand’s most beloved festivals celebrated all over the country, Chiang Mai, Sukhothai and Bangkok are the best places to partake in the traditionally Brahmanic festival that was later adopted to celebrate the Buddha. As the leading tourist destination in Southeast Asia, 2018 expects a record high of 40 million visitors to participate discover Thai festivals and culture. Learn More »

GeoSpotlight: Global Events

Lantern Festival- Pingxi, Taiwan

45-minute away from Taipei, the village boasts one of the most beautiful spectacles in Taiwan during the Lantern Festival. Thousands of tourists come to make their wishes and release lanterns every year, but one may also find peace in nature surrounding the village.  Learn More »

Carnevale- Venice, Italy

Visit the wonderous city of water to experience the "original" Carnivale from the 18th century. From Casanova's prison cell in the Doge's Palace to the modern art on the Grand Canal, the Carnivale is sure to leave the tourists in awe. And, of course, never miss the grand Venice balls and masquerades.  Learn More »

Up Helly Aa Viking Festival- Shetland Islands, Scotland

Carrying torches and making bonfires while dressing up as armed Vikings, the local Shetland Islanders has celebrated the festival since the 1800s in remembrance of the Vikings. The festival's highlights include buring of the longships at night. Be sure not to burn your eyebrows! Learn More »

Harbin Ice and Snow Festival 2019- Harbin, China

In the city where the temperature drops to minus 30 degrees Celsius (minus 22 degrees Fahrenheit) during winter, the world's largest ice sculptures come to life to welcome more than 1.5 million tourists.   Learn More »

Mevlana Whirling Dervishes- Turkey

Whirling Dervishes, also known as the Mevlevi Order, have been dancing the ‘sema’ on the same date for 750 years to mark the death of Rumi, the Afghan poet who produced most of his work in Konya. Learn More »